Saturday, October 17, 2009


We had one really sunny, super nice day.  We of course got in another good hike.  We spied these beautiful white birches way across the field, so had to try for a shot of them. 

The sky was blue, with lots of pretty white clouds, and the rolling hills made for a very pleasant hike at Glacial Lakes S.P.

Aren't these hills pretty?  When I see this type of landscape I always think of the Native Americans riding their ponys across the distant horizan.

It sure was a pleasant drive that day.

This was our campspot at Maplewood S.P.  We woke up to frost thickly covering the ground, but it turned into a lovely day after the sun came up.

The prettiest trees in the park were right by the entrance.

These colors were absolutely beautiful.

Dutch Oven or cast iron pot cooking.  This was a mac and cheese dish that my sister made for us.  It was nummy!

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Linda B said...

Thank you for showing the beautiful fall colors! I haven't seen much since our green leaves all dropped one night from cold. Woke up and piles of leaves under the trees.