Saturday, October 03, 2009


Big number 64 below is our grandson Nicolas who is playing in the 4th grade football league.  We attended his game last Saturday, but it was raining this morning so we didn't venture out.  Nicolas has beautiful red hair! He is the son of our son Chuck and his wife Thea.

Below is our son Lance who has recently completed the course to become a part time policeman.  He loves it!  He is a very calm, cool. level headed young man, so I'm sure he will do a wonderful job.

The cutie below is Jaden, Lance and Tya's oldest daughter.  She is in 6th grade this year, being bused to a neighboring town for school, and having to change rooms for every class.  They grow up too fast!

And this is Madison with their new dog, Chance.  Madison is in 2nd grade.


Lisa said...

My parents have that same kind of dog (I can't spell it) and he is such a wonderful dog. Hope they enjoy theirs. I love the picture of your son in always makes me feel good to see people have pride in their law enforcement people. You know the connection!!! What nice pictures to share with us!

Marge said...

Lisa, Lance is so proud to be wearing this uniform! And we are so proud of him! He worked very hard to get to this spot in his life.