Thursday, September 03, 2009


I'm still working on getting the clothes all washed! If I would just do seven loads I would be done, but I do two, and then by the next day there's another load, so I do three. Then there's another load again, and I do two again. I just need to buckle down and do it!

We still have some things to carry in from the camper too. And then I need to clean! Wow, do I need to clean! The dirty gravel roads in Seldovia, and all the gravel on the construction sections of the highway sure did a number on the blinds and window frames. Even one wall by the slide out is dust covered.

Yesterday we went up to the University hospital to see daughter Gail. She looks better than I've seen her look in years. Seriously! Years! She is horribly thin, but she hasn't had food yet, and it's been two and a half weeks since her surgery. She is healing well, and is looking forward to that first meal. I guess she did have a half a Popsicle last night, and now today she's off the IV and able to sip water. It's a long process to recover, and she is right on track they said. I don't know how much longer she'll be hospitalized. I'll go up again either tomorrow or Saturday. I want to thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers. We know prayer works!

I've already been to the Farmers Market two times since we got home Sunday night. The tomatoes are wonderful, as are the peppers, zuchs, corn and potatoes. Oh, green and yellow beans, too. I could live on vegetables as long as they were these fresh from the garden kinds!

Hubby is unhappy because his HD TV isn't getting a signal from the satellite. He told the repairman on the phone that this had best not be happening during football season. He has high hopes for his Vikings this year. The guy was supposed to stop out tonight on his way home from work, but it's eight and he hasn't shown up yet so I'm guessing he won't.

Have a wonderful evening.


Lisa said...

I am doing laundry too. I don't seem to have as much as you do thank goodness,but I need to get about three loads done and call it good. We are hoping to run to OKC and get a few things done around Beth's house while she goes to Dallas for the opening OU game being held in the new Dallas Cowboy stadium. Her brother had an extra ticket and since I didn't feel like driving 5 hours to the game, I encouraged Beth to go. She has not had time with her brother in over a year and maybe closer to two. I felt it was better for her to go spend time with him than pack and move this weekend with us. She will have plenty of time to unpack and help in the coming days!
So glad to hear Gail is doing well. Isn't that just such a blessing and such good news to come home to. And for the TV situation....I would be FURIOUS if my tv didn't work today....the beginning of college football. Go Sooners!

Marge said...

Lisa, all you'll here around here is "Go Vikings!" Glad Beth is getting some time with her brother. So good of you to do some of her packing and moving for her! We have that to look forward to as soon as Gail gets her new place!