Monday, September 07, 2009


I really did have three loaves of banana there are only two and three fourths loaves. Wonder what happened?
And here is the French bread.....and one just round shaped. I sure can't take food pictures very well, can I! It sure smells good, and looks okay, so I'm guessing it turned out just fine. We will let yo9u know shortly!


Boracay beach hotel said...

That looks mouth-watering! It sure does turn out fine and good. Nice job!

Russell said...

That sure looks good!! Wow! Nothing better than fresh baked bread!

I certainly enjoyed following you through your trip to Alaska and back home. What a great trip! Your pictures and commentary were excellent. Some day I want to take that same trip!

Marge said...

Russell, I hope you get to take the trip to Alaska. It is wonderful! I love Alaska, and would easily be able to live there. However, my husband wouldn't live there with me, and all my grandkids are down here in the lower 48, so guess I have to be content with visits!