Monday, September 28, 2009


Twenty nine hours and I'm still alive and kicking.........and so are the kids! The grandkid sitting has gone well so far. I hope and pray it continues! But when Kari says she is tired at the end of the day, she isn't telling the half of it. Oh, my, goodness! I have not been so physically exhausted since I had seven teenagers at home and I was running in 49 different directions! I guess being 65 and having FMS could be a part of it, but I ached from head to toe last night when I dropped into bed. However, I am happy to report that I slept well, only awake every hour or so but able to fall right back asleep each time I awoke and I bounded out of bed at 6:15 this morning, ready for day two of grandma and grandpa's excellent adventure. (Don't know why I'm including grandpa as he pretty much held down the recliner all day yesterday. The Vikings won again, due to his constant presence in front of the TV. Priorities, you know.)

This morning as we pulled away from the house for school deliveries I mentioned to Ben that I hadn't seen him take his meds, but he assured me that he had taken them. When we got home I saw the pill container still on the counter, and the morning meds still in the slot. So I called the school and talked to his teacher to tell her, and then quickly headed back to school with said pills in a baggie. When I got to school I found that Ben wasn't talking to anyone this morning and he was just sitting in a bean bag pouting. I rushed right up to him and said "Ben! I forgot to give you my phone number so you could call me if you wanted to. I know you call your mom sometimes so thought maybe you'd want to call me, too." There was a little flicker of a grin almost appearing in the corners of his mouth and he seemed pleased to get the little piece of paper with my cell number written on it and he quickly pocketed it. Then I mentioned that I also found the pills on the counter and he must have forgotten to take them. Not so much of a smile appeared then, so I pulled out the big ammunition and said "and your mom has pictures of their first night in DC on the blog, and there's a picture of your dad in a diner with a sign behind him that says 'Bill eats here.' Do you think that's Bill Clinton?" A big giant smile appeared and Ben started talking to me! His special, wonderful teacher then stepped in and said they could look at the pictures on the smartboard in the classroom. I hope we defused a meltdown and that his day in school will go well.

As to Anna, well, she was energetic (not a strong enough word to describe her morning, but I'm too exhausted to think of another) and we got the meds in, cinnamon toast and milk in, and hair brushed, jacket on and out the door only about 4 minutes later than the ideal time! I was impressed with us!

I promised the kids if it wasn't raining we could go to the park after school. Now I hope I can remember to pick them up on time!

Blogger still won't let me link anything. Don't know if it's my computer or what. I see others are linking, so it must be my problem but I have no idea what's up So to read about their adventure in DC, go to


Linda B said...

Way to go Marge! You are doing an awesome job with Ben and Anna. Sounds like you know exactly how to head off problems with Ben and I'm impressed that you got everything done with Anna..even got her hair brushed. I also had to grin when I saw that you are counting the hours!! ha ha If I didn't have kids with sick germs I would love to bring them down for a play date and dinner with you guys. I probably shouldn't have teased you with that. Maybe you could be sneaky and set all of the clocks an hour ahead and get the kids in bed early tonight!

Other Mother said...

Marge - I'm so glad you are there so Kari and Mike can go to DC. Bless you!! Your visit with Ben at school sounds just perfect - you know exactly what to say and do -- kudos to you!! I hope the rest of the week goes as well, and hope you get some rest, too!

FAScinated said...

I hope today goes well! Great job with Ben, Mom! Thanks so much for doing this. We're having a great time and this trip has energized and inspired me. I needed it. Good luck this morning! ~Kari

Lisa said...

Man, it is a good thing you are such a fast thinker. And fast on your feet too! kari is very blessed to have you there to take care of the kids. What a blessing you are...but I already knew that=)