Sunday, September 20, 2009


It's been almost a week since I posted. No excuse, I'm just lazy. I have done nothing of importance this past week, just a load of clothes here and there, cooked meals, washed dishes, and picked up a little. Very little. I just have not been able to get going since we returned from Alaska. I think I need to go back! Maybe I would get rejuvenated and when I returned again I would have my energy back!

But, I have noticed this lack of posting elsewhere out there in the blogosphere. I have blogs that I check daily, and there is nothing new since July! July first, mind you. Over two months ago! I know that many have gone to Facebook, and I have a feeling they have just abandoned their blogs. Why? Didn't I treat you right? Didn't I comment enough? I'm sorry. I'll do better! I promise I will. Just please post something! And you know who you are. I don't have to name names.

I do have to find some energy soon. Starting next Sunday at 5 AM, I have to babysit for daughter Kari's three youngest kids while she goes to Washington DC to receive an award. I have been trying to link to the post where she talks about this award, but Blogger is refusing to allow me to link tonight. Don't know what's the problem, but it won't let me do it. Anyhow, she is to receive the Angel in Adoption award for the state of Minnesota. She and Mike are going to be gone from Sunday until Thursday.........and we get the kids. And I'll need energy times ten!

Oh, I do have a piece of good news. Remember on our trip to Alaska when the bikes fell off the rack and were dragged behind the camper for a distance.........we don't know how far, but it totaled Ernie's bike, and did a good job on mine, too. But mine was able to be fixed! We just got it back and it looks good as new with it's new seat and handlebar. I am so happy! Ernie got a new bike on Craig's List for $35. So we plan some fall riding here soon.


Lisa said...

Oh you make me feel so guilty, I think I have posted since July but I am not sure!!!! Till the other day anyways. Sounds like you all got a good deal on the bike from Craig's list, and isn't that where you got your camper? You are quite the little shopper on the computer! AND why don't you join facebook???? Take care, get some rest, and go for a wonderful bike ride!!! (are we going to get together when you drive through Oklahoma?)

Marge said...

Lisa, We are planning to go to Texas in January. And the plan is to work it out so we can meet up with you for lunch or something.....hope it works out!

Anonymous said...

I am on facebook, as a friend got me started several months ago. I don't think I'm computer savvy enough for my own blog!
I'm lazy, and I have no excuse!

Joni said...

Well my excuse is that I have been incredibly busy...working part-time, going to school full-time, student teaching in between and trying to keep my house from falling down around me. Life is good, but boy is it tiring!
And yes, you should join Facebook...why not?