Monday, October 15, 2007


You may know Crested Butte as a ski mountain and resort, but it is also a charming little village up in the hills. It is obviously a tourist destination, and probably trap, but if you just look at the
colorful shoppes and eating and drinking establishments, you don't spend a dime! Probably not what the village has in mind for tourists, but, hey, I live in an RV and can't afford the space or the cash to shop at every gift shop along the way.
But I do enjoy the old buildings all fancied up in colorful paint with inviting benches out front for the men to rest on while the women browse inside. Each business also had a bike rack out front for the new and vintage bikes to park in.
There were buildings of every hue of the rainbow, and then some. This is a rug shop with the most gorgeous area rugs displayed in the windows.
I also found a cute little cabin to retire in!
We got a kick out of this sign hanging in the rafters of the overhang of
this bar. It looks like the area would be fun to visit at night, as we saw many strings of lights draped around the windows, porch pillars, and deck railings.
And this must be the town doctor/clinic/hospital. I thought it was charming!

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