Friday, October 19, 2007


This is what the Navajo Nation's land looks like. It sure isn't good for farming on this land!
We entered the east gate of Grand Canyon National Park and stopped at the first viewing spot, Desert View. It's a good thing we stopped there, as when we left there and drove west to the south entrance, we were not able to stop at any of the pull offs because of the amount of traffic. Our truck and RV make such a large vehicle that there is never any room for us. We got to the south entrance where there is a campground that allows larger trailers and drove to the gate to register. As we approached the gate we saw the sign...FULL. No room for us in the campground. And no place to park and look around. So we headed south to the exit and were thinking that the few pictures we took at Desert View were all we would have to remember this stop. Then we found a campground right outside of Williams, about 58 miles down the road. And we had read about a train trip that takes you right to the park where you can catch a shuttle bus to different attractions in that section of the park. We checked into it, and booked it! So tomorrow we will catch the train at 9 and will return about 5:15, a whole day in the park with no worries about parking. (6000 private vehicles a day visit the park with about 2000 parking spaces.)
These are some native paintings from the inside of a tower at Desert View. Very beautiful.
This town, Williams, is on the historic U.S. Route 66. There are many motels, cafes and souvenir shops that display the sign.
We went out to dinner tonight, at a cowboy type cafe, to celebrate our 43rd anniversary yesterday and to celebrate Kari and Mike's 23rd anniversary today. We ordered a piece of carrot cake to share and took it home with us. I had to take a picture of it because it was at least 5 inches high before the gal stuffed it in the take home carton. They had pies in their showcase that were at least 6 inches high!
Sorry Kari and Mike. We didn't save you any. It was sure good!


Linda B. said...

H! Your pictures are always so clear-even through your windshield while driving. Can you tell me what kind of camera you have? I'm in the market for one again since ours seems to be missing. You sure are seeing some beautiful scenery! Hope you had a beautiful anniversary!!

Sage said...

I have a Nikon 5600 Coolpix.....we actually got it free with saved up points from a credit card! It's not an expensive camera at all, but it works for me. Some day I'd like to have a fancy digital, but don't have the $$$$ for that now. We are enjoying our trip and the beautiful scenery, but I''m starting to get really lonesome already! Guess it's time to make some phone calls!

FAScinated said...

That cake looks delicious! Thanks for celebrating for us! We had a burrito at Chipoltle for our anniversary celebration! ~Kari

Linda up north said...

Happy Anniversary!