Monday, October 15, 2007


On a cold and gloomy Saturday we took off (in our rental car!) up this dirt road, heading over Ohio Pass, to Crested Butte on the other side of the mountain. It was extremely beautiful, even in the iffy weather.
It would have been fun if we could have gotten closer to "the castle" on the other side of these hills and the valley between.
We were very surprised by the huge herds of cattle on the mountain. There were a few farms or small ranches scattered among the hills, and each one had hundreds of cattle grazing on the grasslands. We were also surprised that there were patches of color, the gold aspen trees, remaining among the bare trees and the evergreens.
This was close to the top; tall, naked aspens, thickly covering the landscape.
And the top of the pass at 10,120 feet. We saw scores of hunters near the summit, tents and small campers nestled in the clumps of trees where there was a spot flat enough to pull off and set up camp. I am willing to bet that they were a little cool by morning! There were snow flakes swirling in the cloudy mist, and the wind wasn't helping to warm it up.
There are so many different shades of brown, tan, and rust in the grasses. And you can see the white dusting on the top of the mountain. Now we headed down to the quaint village of Crested Butte.

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