Monday, October 29, 2007


It's a bright sunny day (again!) and I am feeling a bit better. I had two gifts from grandkids yesterday that helped me shape up. Adam did a little concert for me on his newly acquired guitar, and Anna's supper prayer at Claudia's house cracked me up! Those precious kids, plus the fact that we were able to go to church yesterday, have given me a little push to get off the pity pot and enjoy life. So, as of now, I am going to strive to keep things happier here.

The sermon yesterday was titled "Thanking Jesus is Trusting Jesus" and was based on Luke 17:11-19, the story of the ten men with leprosy who were healed, and only one of them returned to thank God. And Jesus said to him that his faith had made him well. His faith.....his trust. And we sang I Am Trusting You Lord Jesus, a wonderful hymn.

The church is not a large church, only about 240 souls, but they are an active and enthusiastic group of caring Christians. They have a Christian Day School of 90 students with 5 teachers, which is quite the undertaking for a church of that size. As of yesterday, there is one more member, as there was a baptism. Little Mitchell Wyatt became a child of God, and an heir of His salvation. He cried through the whole baptism, quite a vocal little Christian! I love watching moms and dads when they have a brand new baby. The love and care in each and every word and action brings tears to my eyes.

And there was a scene being played out in the seats right behind us that also brought tears to my eyes. Sitting right behind me was an old, tiny, bent in half lady, flanked on each side by what I took to be a daughter and son-in-law. The woman mumbled unintelligible sounds, each one met with a "what's that, mother? Are you cold?" And the daughter would tuck the older woman's jacket around her shoulders, and ask "is that better?" When the woman got a little loud in her mumbling, the daughter lovingly said "we're in church, mother. Did you forget that we are quiet in church. There, that's better." When the choir got up to sing, the woman made a small movement and the son-in-law said "oh, did you want to sing with the choir, mom? Should we go sing with the choir? Oh, let's just sit here and listen." The love and respect and concern for the older woman was appparent in every word and action of the daughter and son-in-law. How easy it would be to just leave the old woman at home and to be able to worship in peace. But just like the young man and woman brought their baby to worship services, this couple were bringing mother to worship services, and love was so apparent in every word and action. No embarrassment in mother's mumblings, and no embarrassment in the baby's cries. Just love.

It brought tears to my eyes, and made my worship much more meaningful. Thank you tiny baby Christian, and thank you bent over old woman Christian. You are both beautiful children of God.

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