Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I think the Mandalay Bay is a classy tasteful looking building, by day or by night.

The Sphinx at the Luxor.
New York New York. I was disappointed with the night view of New York. I thought it would be more "New York" looking than it was.

The beautiful dancing waters display.
One of my favorites, the Bellagio.
The Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris.
The magical look of Excalibur.

We walked and explored about half of one side of The Strip. I am not impressed with the casino portions of the hotels. I just cannot imagine throwing my hard earned money away. And they are loud and smoky. Las Vegas Blvd at night is interesting however, and a lot of fun to see. The traffic and noise is too much, and though it's fun to visit, I would never want to live here.

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