Monday, October 22, 2007


Just a couple of shots on the way to Las Vegas. The scenery wasn't much....
just dry sand, a few cactus (cacti?) and some rocks.
We arrived about 4:30 and by the time we got everything set up, it was time to make dinner. And this morning I am lounging. We've spent a lot of time sitting in the truck lately, and I needed to unwind and unstiffen. We are parked at Nellis AFB for a month, waiting to hear if friends are joining us. The plan is to go to San Diego also, but with all the fires in that area, I'm not too certain we'll do that. They probably don't need anymore people out there to worry about if they need to evacuate some areas. We'll see what develops between now and then.

I have pictures from our train trip to the Grand Canyon on Saturday, but it was cold, cloudy and windy so I'm not too pleased with them. And I have a few from Mesa Verde that I wanted to share too. So now that we're in one place for awhile, and I have a steady connection, I will get to that real soon.

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Ernie said...

We are now in Vegas. Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Marge will see you again in March.