Wednesday, October 17, 2007


We followed our plan yesterday, and were able to pick up the truck at noon. It was fixed, works great, and cost nothing because it is under warranty. We were getting ready to head out and I noticed a bubble in one of the tires on the RV. I mentioned it to Ernie, and while he was checking it out, I looked at the other tires. Found a second one with a bubble. So he decided we'd best go tire shopping before we left town. So two hours and $400 later we headed out of Gunnison, heading in the direction of Mesa Verde, with 3 new tires on the RV. We had replaced the fourth tire in Maine in August.

To get there we had to go over a road called "The Million Dollar Highway." Well, let me tell you. This is not the highway for a person who is afraid of heights. It's a narrow winding road with no guard rails that goes between Montrose and Durango. And I was petrified! Maybe the trip in a car would have been okay, but in a pickup pulling a 34 foot RV, I knew I would never see my kids and grand kids again! I knew we would never make it! Ernie is an excellent driver, and in addition to his driving duties, he had to soothe a petrified woman who was gripping the door handle, leaning way to the left to avoid falling off the edge, and who was crying and acting like an idiot.

It was a beautiful trip when I could force myself to look around and enjoy the scenery! Above 10,000 feet there was snow on the rocks and trees, and it looked like a wonderland of cotton balls pasted on the green spruce for decorations. I was amazed to find a few cabins in these mountain heights, and though most were probably summer homes as they were dark and empty looking, I saw a few cabins that had welcoming lights shining in the windows. I could never imagine driving that highway more than once, and these folks actually live up there!

We arrived in Durango quite late, almost 8:00. We had picked out 3 other campgrounds, and after locating them and getting off the highway, we found each of them closed, contrary to the open dates that were listed in our campground directory. So we ended up in a more expensive place than we usually stay at, but it was time to stop for the night. I was stiff and sore from tensing my shoulders and neck for the last 3 hours, and we needed food and sleep. It is a nice place, and they do have wireless.

Tomorrow morning we head out for the Grand Canyon. We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to see so much of God's beautiful world, and we thank Him daily for being with us on our travels.


Ernie Lillo said...

I knew I had to take us safely thru the Rockies so we could celebrate our 43rd anniversary today. I love you dear and thank you for giving me all our wonderful children and grand children.

FAScinated said...

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Thank you for giving me an example to follow of a marriage that survived thick and thin. I love you both! ~Kari