Monday, October 01, 2007



This is our youngest grandson, Samuel, wearing his Viking shirt, sitting next to his mom who has on a Packer sweatshirt. Sammy also has a Packer jersey in his closet, he said. Guess he picked the wrong one to wear yesterday!

We picked our son and family up for church and had a wonderful time visiting with folks we knew from our Air Force days at GFAFB. There were sure a lot of strangers in the little church that we helped build when we were stationed here! I guess things change in 25 years, don't they. After church we went out for brunch, then came back to the RV and watched part of the game, went for a walk, and had supper and a nice fire. Now this morning we are packed up and ready to head west. Our visit with Lenny, Connie and Sammy was a lot of fun, and we will look forward to returning soon.

Now, as to our heading west. Those of you who have followed our travels know that Ernie changes his mind rather often. This is the case again. We had planned to head straight west, through North Dakota with a stop at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and into Montana to Glacier National Park, before spending the next few weeks in Washington, then turning south. Well, he decided he needed more time in Washington and Oregon, so he changed our travel itinerary. Instead of going west then south, he decided to go south, then west. We will still go to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, but will turn south there and head for Cheyenne where our friends, Dick and Bev, who we traveled with this summer, live. We'll then travel through eastern Colorado before turning west to Vegas. We need to be in Vegas a month from now so we can catch a flight back to Minneapolis for our nephew's wedding on November 9th. Ernie didn't want to be rushed in Washington and Oregon, so decided this route would be better. We'll spend time in Vegas, Tucson and San Diego, then will follow the spring north to Oregon and Washington before going back to Minnesota for graduations and weddings in May.

And he talks about women changing their minds!

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