Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My friend Lisa J was correct! She tagged me but said I might be too busy packing for a camping trip with my new red bike to respond. She is right! Thursday and Friday this week are days off from school for the grandkids due to the state wide teachers' association meetings. So, Kari and Mike and their three youngest kids, my sister Ruth and her husband Ike , my sister Lois , grandson Caleb , and Ernie and I are heading out for the final camping trip of the year. We are bringing our bikes and heading to Lanesboro for a cool end to the camping season. I say cool because overnight temps will be in the thirties, and day temps in the fifties, until Saturday or Sunday when they say we will be in the sixties. But cool is good because that means a big campfire to sit around! In addition to the bike trail and the big campfire, we will be enjoying a garbage can dinner, and some Dutch oven cooking. So, check back for sure on Monday, and I should have a looooooong post about our activities from the weekend.

What are you planning for the weekend? Whatever you are doing I hope it is a great one full of family, friends, and love, and don't forget church and Bible study on Sunday. Blessings to all.


Lisa J said...

I knew it, I KNEW IT. You are going out on another adventure with your new bike and your camera. AND WITHOUT ME!!! I just can not believe it. Oh well, have a great time as I know you will, and give lots of love to that wonderful family of yours.

I will be getting the grandkids again this week for the same reason as you. Caleb will come for two days by himself. He needs some grandma time with out little sister being here. Then Saturday we will get her and keep the kids and the dog so she can clean house and getting ready for......Allie's first Birthday on Sunday!!! Can you believe that. My little girl is turning one on Sunday. another great weekend in store for me (and you!)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! Chuck, Nicolas and I are so disappointed that we did not know of this family weekend. We would have loved to come down for a nice fall bike ride. We love that area as well. Hope you all had a great time!

Russell said...

Have a wonderful trip to Lanesboro! That is a really nice area!!

Just Joni said...

What fun...I'll check back to read all about it...camping trips are my favorite and I am a dutch oven enthusiast so do share what you prepared...stay warm, sounds like it's going to be chilly!