Monday, October 27, 2008


This morning I opened my eyes and wanted to shut them right away again. I had a headache. I got up and sat in a chair and realized I had a funny stomach, too. So, I have stayed in my jammies all day! I did do a little sewing and finished up a Christmas table runner except for the binding. It's looking good! Other than that, I've read a few blogs and emails, and nothing else. Oh, I did make dinner, an easy task because I had leftovers from our ham dinner on Saturday night. Now I'm sitting again. I feel no worse but probably not much better either. But I loved just hanging around all day in my jammies!


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Sometimes a Jammies day is a good thing although I hope for you to feel better tomorrow. I'm sick of Jammy days as you know, but I'm sure I'll crave another one one of these days.

Lisa J said...

I LOVE jammy days. I love the way they feel, the way they fit, the way they make ME feel. I love jammies. They are sooo comfortable and relaxing. So I hope that being you had a special jammy day, that you will feel better soon. If not....stay in your jammies longer! There is no rule or law that says you have to get dressed.

Michelle said...

I love jammy days too. I don't get them that often though. Those were some of the best days I would share with Shay. We stayed in jammies and watched movies.

Our mother was born and raised in Australia. When she passed away we did some research and found that we could get our citizenship by decent. So, I started the process back in March 2007 and it has taken us this long to get it done. There is a long process and you have to have finger prints done and FBI background checks. Now we are going to get our passports so we have some more research to do. I already went to Australia this past February. My brother and I went for a week and too our mothers ashes and buried her with her sisters. It was a good trip.

I hope you are feeling better.

Just Joni said...

Oh, I'm sorry you are sick...I've been a little under the weather myself, but it's only a terrible cold. I missed school on Tuesday and I stayed in my pajamas most of the day...they always help make things better. Today is Thursday so hopefully you are feeling better!