Sunday, October 12, 2008


Today was Stewardship Sunday at church, and both the sermon during the service, and the Bible Study after services, reminded us about giving. Not giving to the Lord, because it is all His anyhow! But giving because we love the Lord. It reminded me of a saying that my dad had written in a stewardship pamphlet that he authored. He said:

You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.

Think on that. Anyone can give, whether they love the Lord or not. But those who do love the Lord, cannot help but to give. It is part of the love. Giving. A beautiful thing. Something to think about on this Sunday.

And remember, giving doesn't just mean money. It also means time and talent. What are you giving?

I hope your Sunday has been blessed.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I always feel badly because I really can't give money but I do give cookies to people. :)

I was thrilled when a nursing student asked me if I could be her "project" for a special senior year class. Since it is so rare to develop Type 1 diabetes in middle age, she thought I'd be a great project.

It meant spending at least twenty hours together but it did my heart so much good. Giving time these days is something most people can't do.

Excellent post!

Sage said...

Brenda, you give all the time! Your posts always give me something, you give constantly to your family, and twenty hours to this student...that is mega-giving! Sometimes the money part is the least part of giving. It's the time and talents that mean so very much.

Blessings on the week ahead.

Lisa J said...

That's a very sweet posting. I read it the other day but did not have time to comment. Sorry about that. I had a very full day on Sunday, I gave of my time and talent, but not in the way I think you mean. But I did have a very blessed day with family and friends.

Sage said...

Yes, you did! You were taking pictures (was it 300???) of a family, and they appreciated it. Of course that was your time and talent. You are kind, always taking the grands for a weekend. That's all are a giving person!