Thursday, October 09, 2008


Last night we had our son Lance, his wife Tya, and their two daughters, Jaden and Madison out for dinner. I've decided to try to have our kids out more often so I can see the grands, so started with the youngest son last night and fixed a nice meal for us all. They don't stay late on a school night, but at least I got a grandkid fix. This is Jaden, playing her clarinet for us. Does every child learn Ode to Joy as one of their first songs? She did very well, with only a few squeaks. She said they'll be doing a Christmas Concert at school, so that will probably be her first "official" performance.
To explain the hairdo: It was wacky hair day at their school, so she had numerous pony tails all over her head. They were sprayed red, scalp too. But the ends looked like they had been twisted like dreads and dipped into a blue paint. A very interesting hairdo, I must say!
And this is sweet Madison. When she was little, she had red hair. It has changed to a blond, but still has the wavy curls. Madison must have eaten eight helpings of fresh green beans last night. I don't know if she ate the beef roast or potatoes and gravy, but she sure ate her vegetables! I think she had the minimum daily requirement for about a week, all in one meal!

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Lisa J said...

Oh you got a grand kid is good!!! I love the funky hair do, the kids love doing silly things like that and I am glad they can. School should be fun. You have been pretty busy with life AND postings. You keep it up ok???