Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Ernie had a couple of errands he needed to run this morning and he invited me to ride along and go out to breakfast. Of course I went! When he finished what he needed to do, I asked him to take a swing through the State Park.
I could have asked him to stop about a dozen times, but it was raining pretty hard so I didn't ask him to stop for me to take pictures.
When we got to the picnic area of the park though, I did yell "Stop!" The sumac was such a pretty red, just washed clean by the rain, and
I felt the need to snap a couple of pictures. It's supposed to be nicer weather tomorrow, so before I make a resupply trip to Sam's Club, I just might run back out to the park and snap a few more picture.
It really is lovely in the fall in Minnesota. See why it's my favorite season?


Lisa J said...

Yes I do!!! I can clearly see why you love it there and why I need to come visit!!! With MY camera too.

Memaw's memories said...

The sumac is really pretty. We have it here in Arkansas too. Is it poison?

Unless you've had a dry year, fall is pretty everywhere.