Sunday, October 26, 2008

We had such a big day at our church today. First of all it is Reformation Sunday, and we sang many of my favorite hymns. Then the children from our Christian Day School sang several songs, little kids up front, and the bigger kids in back, boys on one side and girls on the other. There must have been at least 100 kids present, and they did such a good job. It was also new member Sunday, and I think there were at least 25 new folks introduced to the congregation. And, it was our annual (almost annual?) hog roast. We had a wonderful potluck dinner in addition to the pork and turkey sandwiches. It seems that all the ladies of the church try to outdo the others with the salads and desserts they contribute to the meal. That is hubby's favorite kind of meal, one where he can graze for two hours if he wants!

We talked to six of our seven kids this weekend, three in person and three by phone. Last night we had son Chuck and Thea and Nicolas over for dinner and I totally enjoyed my grandkid fix. They are so busy that we don't see Nicolas as often as we'd like. Chuck and Ernie had been out hunting once this week, and plan to go again soon. We saw daughter Kari and Mike and part of their family this afternoon after church for a little while, and had fun with Anna and Ben but Adam was upstairs upchucking, so didn't get to visit with him. I was also up at the hospital to visit Gail, and I brought her a robe and pj's. Yesterday we had talked to the youngest, Lance, and this afternoon I was on the phone with Chris in Alaska, and Ernie was on his phone with our oldest son, Kevin. These kinds of days are the best; the days when I can talk with our kids.

The big damper of the weekend was the BLIZZARD we had this afternoon! Now, it wasn't really a blizzard, but it was great big snowflakes being whipped around by the high winds, and believe me, when I had to cross Sam's Club parking lot, it seemed like a blizzard. I like winter, but I want it my way with big fluffy snowflakes, no wind, sunshine, and blue skies, a Norman Rockwell scene.

And so begins another week. This past week had a few unpleasant events in it. I wonder what the Lord has in store for us this week? We just have to remember that whatever it is, it will be whatever He knows is the best for us.


Lisa J said...

Yes, He is in control, but boy it sure is hard sometimes huh? Kids.

Sage said...

Yup, Lisa, you're
But as you read in my post, kids also provided me with the best parts of my week, too! Gotta love 'em, even if they don't deserve it!

Hope you have a good week. And I hope this week is better for us all!