Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I had a fun, relaxing day yesterday. I sat at my sewing machine all day. I finished this wall hanging first, a project that has been sitting half done for quite awhile.
Then I put together this table runner from a charm pack of Moda fabrics. I love Moda fabrics! I have been collecting patterns for table runners, and think I have six or seven now. And I have three more Moda charm packs of 5" squares. Sunday I went to the fabric shop which is right at the edge of town, up the road about four miles (Hubby is going to be sorry we found this apartment so close to the fabric shop!) and I found a big sale happening! I bought a bag full of fat quarters of kind of 1950's looking fabrics. Thought I'd make a couple of vintage looking table runners. And I picked up cotton batting for 50% off! Yay me!


Lisa J said...

Oh those are both beautiful pieces of art. I love it when people are talented in the arts, something I am not. So it makes me appreciate it so much more. I just saw on the news that your area is in its peak of fall color...lucky you all.
My new camera is another Olympus E-520. I really do like it, all my other lenses will work with it, and that was important to me. So we will see if it helps me any with my photo stuff. I have a wedding class I am taking, mock wedding will be the 27th. I will hold out my verdict till then.

Russell said...

I have always had a lot of respect for anyone who can sew and quilt -- that is pretty special. One of the only things I can think of that is truly handed down from generation to generation and actually used (!) are quilts.

I came across an old cedar chest in the barn yesterday. I am not sure why it was there, but there it was. I had to use tools to open the lid - I took it off since the lock was frozen.

Inside this beautiful cedar chest were ... you guessed it! -- some wonderful old quilts! I will return them to my former wife as they belonged to her mother. I was amazed to find them!

In that cedar chest were newspaper clippings and lots of other things I had forgetten about. Incredible. A real treasure trove.

I was looking at your list of favorite things and enjoyed seeing Alaska and stained glass on the list!

Take care!

PS Your husband should be more than glad you are so accomplished at so many things! My guess is that he truly is appreciative but like most men does not show it...!!