Friday, October 31, 2008


Nope, these pictures aren't from Minnesota on October 31. They are from a year ago, out on the Desert Wildlife Refuge, near Las Vegas. I'm back there in my mind this morning after hearing from the couple that we traveled with last year. They are on the road again as of this week. This is one of the couples that we plan to be with in Florida in January. They live in Cheyenne, and just spent the summer back there, but are now back traveling, heading to Branson, then meandering through the South, and down to Florida.
On this day last fall, Ernie and I took off for an adventure, and it was! This is the road we traveled on that day for hours! It was a wildlife refuge but we saw none! Nothing at all. We also saw no other people or vehicles for the whole day as we drove alone the narrow, bumpy, rock road. It was a really fun day. I think I took 150 pictures!
I do remember getting to the other side of the refuge and letting out a sigh of relief when we found the highway that would take us back to the AFB in Vegas. I have fond memories of the time we spent with Dick and Bev in Vegas. We walked the Strip at night looking at the fabulous lights, and our hubbies treated us to Phantom one awesome experience.

Okay, I'm over my trip down memory lane and back in the present. I know I haven't posted since Monday when I wasn't feeling well. I am fine. In fact I never really got sick, just the headache and funny stomach. On Wednesday I had my yearly physical, or should I say I had the doctor portion of it. Now to do the other tests she has scheduled for me. The first one is this morning, a bone scan. So I'm off for that in a few minutes.

Our daughter is still in the hospital, waiting for her hearing next week. Please pray that she will be sentenced to alcohol treatment. She needs the help in order to save her life.

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Lisa J said...

Beautiful pictures, and a wonderful trip down memory lane. Hope all is well with the bone scan!