Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Okay, so I went along with everyone else and added the followers thingie to my blog. My mom always said I was a follower, you know the old "if everyone else jumped off a bridge would you do it too?" Yes, I probably would. If it was a small bridge because I'm scared of heights!

Anyhow, I really would like to be a leader just once, so if you want me to fulfill my dream, click on the follow me on the right side of this page. I promise not to lead you anywhere that's scary or dangerous!

Thank you. I wish my mom could see that I'm a leader now! Of course I follow all of you, so guess I'm still a follower, too.

Have you ever noticed that when you say a word many times in a short period of time it sounds really stupid? Try saying follower about ten times......doesn't it sound silly?


Linda B. said...

Silly girl! Your mom does see you and she's smiling! :o)

Tricia said...

I so loved finding your blog and reading about you. You lived my dream for 20 months! Did you RV in Alaska? I spent 3 weeks camping there in 2006. Loved Chena Hot Springs and Homer Spit! Have a nice day.

Just Joni said...

I haven't decided if I like this "Followers" feature or not for my own blog...but I think it looks nice on yours and I really do enjoy popping in for a I guess that makes me a follower...and yes, it's funny how words begin to sound like nonsense when we repeat them over and over!

Lisa J said...

Ok leader, I am following you where ever you go. I kind of like it back here!!!

linda said...

OK, Sage, I am following you so guess what? I expect you to follow me too! :)