Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Permit me to brag a bit. I have 15 grandkids, each and everyone of them is special to me. I could brag about the accomplishments or talents of each one of them, but today I am bragging about Caleb. Caleb is a fifteen year old, handsome, athletic, intelligent red head; I've loved him dearly since the day I first held him in the delivery room. He, and his brother Jacob, have spent more time with me than any of the other grandkids, so I feel I know them well.

Caleb has joined the Sea Cadets and has just returned from boot camp. He said it was the hardest thing he has ever done, but he made it. He endured the 5 am wake up calls, just like the real Navy boot camp. He endured the squad leaders screaming in his face, just like the real Navy boot camp. He marched to meals, suffered swollen and aching legs and feet from hours on his feet, and lived through sleep deprivation. He graduated after the more than week long trial boot camp, and on top of that......drum roll please.....came in first in the mile run portion of the physical test! Yup! 350 young men and women, and Caleb took first place in the mile run!

We took Caleb and his cousin, Adam, to Alaska with us two years ago, in the summer of 2006. We spent almost three months in an RV, kind of close quarters for then 11 and 13 year old boys with their grandparents. Caleb had some issues that summer. He was an angry and explosive young man, demanding attention and dishing out words and actions not becoming a grandkid of mine! But what a maturing process has occurred in the past two years! And what a delightful young man he has become.

I saw the proof these last few days. Caleb has been staying with us the past three days, and I have been so impressed with him. I have hauled him along with me, down to the nursing home to visit my mom, his grandma, two and three times a day. And he has not complained one bit. He has been polite, caring, respectful, and loving, never once arguing or being grumpy about going to see Nana again. He has acted like a mature, grown up young man, and I have so appreciated him. And Caleb, I love you dearly!


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Yep, you have reason to brag for sure. He's growing into a wonderful man and those months with his grandma might have helped him move on from his issues, I bet it didn't hurt. Because I happen to know his grandma is a pretty special lady. I'm glad he's been a pleasure and that he's there helping his grandma with the patience that not many 15 year old young men would have. So I'm proud of Caleb too! And coming in first WOW! That is really something.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed! I clicked on the link to read about Sea Cadets. Never knew of this, but what a great opportunity for those who choose it. You have every right to be extremely proud of Caleb. Congratulations on his success and on his first place in the mile!

Nancy the Iowan

Lisa J said...

Oh that just touched my heart so much. I want to have the same relationhip with my grandchildren. My daughter is jealous of my time spent with the grandkids. They are from my step daughter, but these grandkids will not know anyone else as grandma for Sarah's mother passed away several years ago. So my daughter has some issues. She thinks the kids don't need to spend THAT much time with me. She said she didn't and she is close to them. She just doesn't get it. And it saddens me that she is that way. These kids should not be punished for the relationship between her mother and others.

Caleb should be very proud of himself and his accomplishments. And you have every right to brag about it. I am glad you shared that with us. What a special young man and how lucky to have a grandma like you. I WANT to get a trailer and take the kids to do things like you did. I need you to give advise about it. I think those are memories that every child would treasure. Me included

Sage said...

Robbin: Isn't he something? I've so enjoyed the time we've spent with Caleb this past year. Talk about making a 180 degree turn around! And thank you for your kind words......I know someone else who is a pretty special lady. And a strong, full of fight lady! You go girl!

Nancy: Aren't the Sea Cadets a great opportunity for a young person, male or female? If he chooses to go into the Navy when he comes of age, he would start out two pay grades above the rest! Worth thinking about, uh?

Lisa: I have more grandkids that are not blood related than are! I have 15 grandkids......only 6 are blood related! Nine aren't! Seven of those nine are from our adopted kids, and two are from our bio daughter who adopted two also! Gets complicated, but they're all difference as far as I'm concerned!

Over the years we have taken numerous grandkids on vacation with us, usually for two or three weeks. The 2006 trip to Alaska, our first after we retired, was from June 3 until the middle of August when we had to return the kids so they could go to school. Although Caleb had thought we could just stay up there and I could home school him!

Linda B. said...

Please congratulate Caleb from our family! Simply amazing! Thanks for sharing this. I hope things are going along smoothly for you. I haven't talked to Kari for almost a week and feel a bit behind in "Kari's Family" updates. I finally updated my blog. Have a good the weather tonight!

Russell said...

Way to go, Caleb!!! Sounds like he is becoming quite the man!

My guess is that his time with you and your husband helped him quite a bit, too.... In fact, no question in my mind!!

Take care and, again, congratulations to you and your grandson!! Wow!!