Thursday, July 31, 2008


On this day, July 31 of 2007, my husband here on the left, and our friend, Richard on the right, became better men. Well, that's what the sign above their heads says: "You will be a better man for having stood on Look-Off's lofty top. It will clear your eyes and expand your spiritual being, and you will leave that breezy eminence with a feeling of exultation." From "Beautiful Nova Scotia - The Ideal Summer Land" - 1897

We had gone out for a drive that day, stopped for ice cream on top of this hill, and found a little shop with this quotation over the entrance. I remember crossing the road and looking at this scene in front of me. The valley below me looked like a crazy quilt, so strangly shaped were the fields. It was beautiful, lush and green, with the accent colors of brown, tan, rust and gray.
We had traveled to Michigan in June to meet our friends, Richard and Bev, who had lived across the street from us more than 25 years ago! We then traveled together to Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Foundland. We had such a good time! And then Richard received the news that his mother had passed away, and they had to quickly leave for Michigan and funeral planning.
This past January we were again traveling with Richard and Bev, enjoying the beautiful California ocean shore, when Ernie and I decided we needed to go home to take care of my mom. And now she's passed away, too.
I'm hoping we can meet up again and travel together again. Hey guys, how about January or February? Florida is in the 70's and 80's while Minnesota and Wyoming are hovering in the teens, hopefully above zero!


amy said...

I have so enjoyed reading about your travels! I cannot believe you have a son who lives in Seldovia! My husband came home months ago telling me about this cool little town in Alaska that was hiring police officers. He told me to get packed, LOL. Would you believe it was Seldovia? They can't possibly have more than 2 or 3 officers!
You also have me obsessed with visiting Nova Scotia, by the way. I've always had romantic notions of Canada thanks to Anne of Green Gables, and you've revived the interest!


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

My mom was just talking about how bonded you get while traveling with other couples. They've recently lost a dear friend, that was part of such a couple, in fact he died a few days before Jonathan, I blogged about him back in May just a few days before I found of my own loss. His wife is not doing so well, and she is going to sell the RV as it brings her sad memories, the fact that they won't be doing it anymore.
I'm glad you got the travel bug again, it will do you good.
Can't wait to hear about your travels again.
Have a good day and know you're in my thoughts, as you travel this journey through grief. I'm with you!

Memaw's memories said...

I hope you continue to travel and share the fun places you go with all of us.

Maybe soon you guys can meet up with your friends and make that trip to Florida.

My step parents love it down there with all the fresh fruit and veggies.

Lisa J said...

I enjoy your travels, keep them coming. And yes, I think Florida would be a good decision for you in the winter. My aunt and uncle go there every winter for about two or three months. This year I plan on going to visit them. I think it would be so nice to look out the window at the ocean, walk down to the beach, and enjoy some special time with them. Wish my daughter lived here so she would take care of my "kids". Keep sharing the pictures of your travels.