Monday, July 14, 2008


I haven't written much about my mom for quite awhile. There really isn't a whole lot to say. She is adjusting to her new home although I don't think she is very happy about living in a nursing home. She doesn't complain about anything though. She has been having headaches the past few days, a symptom that the doctor said we should expect. So far they've been able to relieve the headaches with Tylenol.

Usually at least one of us kids is there part of the morning and part of the afternoon. This past Saturday when we were camping, my sisters Betsy and Lois were both there, as was my brother Paul. Yesterday Betsy, Lois and I all were down there. Today my sister Ruth came, and she, Lois and I moved mom to a different room, one closer to the nurse's desk, because mom tends to get disoriented when she gets up at night and she goes to the hallway and then is confused. This room should be more visible to the nurses so they can keep her safe when she gets mixed up.

Several of mom's grandkids have brought their kids, mom's great grandkids, in for short visits, and that's when mom smiles and perks up. She loves to see the little ones. There are also many friends from church who have gone to visit, and even more who have sent cards or called to ask about her. Mom at age 85 was still giving the "old people" rides to church or Bible study, and she has always been a caretaker, a befriender, a beautiful example of a caring Christian woman. Now these friends are concerned about her and are showing their love for her. She doesn't always remember they've visited, but I'm sure at the moment they were there that she was happy to see them. And many have brought her flowers from their gardens, which she really enjoys.

We are praying that the headaches don't get any worse, and that medication will control them. And we thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thanks for the update Marge. Sounds like she is surrounded by so much love and support and that is so wonderful and brings you as much comfort as possible too.
My prayers, besides the ones for you will continue to be that she is spared pain and finds peace deep inside during this time in her life. Isn't it amazing what little children have the power of doing? Just as it should be, that is right in the world I think. They should hold special powers.
Thoughts of you always and I'm so glad we have each other even though we live miles and miles away. Doesn't seem that far to me.

Lisa J said...

Oh how very sweet. I am so glad your family is such a loving family. And friends, goodness, that is so nice of the friends to come and bring garden flowers. I was glad to see the update on your mom, don't really want to ask you about it for fear of bringing a heavy heart to you. I don't want to do anything to cause you pain. I have come to see you as one very remarkable person that I admire. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to have met you even through the blog world. Please know you are in my thoughts and I so appreciate you always checking one me!

Linda up north said...

I am still praying.
Your mom sounds so dear. My grandma (an RN in her working time of life) was still volunteering at the nursing home when she was in her 80's, too. She always referred to the people as the "old folks" :)
God's Peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

I read on Kari's blog that your mother lost her battle with skin cancer. May you feel especially held and comforted in the loving arms of your Savior. Losing a parent is so terribly difficult. It makes you feel somehow disconnected from the past.

Memaw's memories said...

Glad to hear she is adjusting to her surroundings.

It was really good that you got away even if it was just for 24 hours.

You remain in my prayers.