Monday, July 28, 2008

Thanks to each and everyone of my online friends, for the loving words you have expressed over the past couple of weeks. It's been rough going, but absolutely made easier by you friends. I, and my whole family, have been so blessed with friends who are kind, and caring, and loving, and we have appreciated each and every one of you so much. It is so hard to lose a parent, especially a mother. The only thing worse that I can imagine is losing a child. (I don't know how you carry on Robbin....I really respect you! Hugs!)

So, now life goes on. After spending almost every day with my mother for the past 6 months, I now have to figure out what to do with myself. Oh, I could clean house, sort through those boxes, get to my quilting, do something with a cedar chest packed with photos, clean my closet, and on and on, but I just don't have the energy to tackle those projects quite yet. Maybe it's
because we did so much packing, moving and unpacking in the past few months, that I've yet to get over that. Or maybe it's the extra pounds that have gathered during this time that I've completely ignored proper nutrition. And quite possibly it's because exercise has been nonexistent in my world recently. Those are things that I can do something about, so I guess it's time to do so.

We have planned a little vacation in August. Hubby's family is having a reunion in Duluth the weekend of the 15th, so we are going to attend that, and then we are going up the North Shore and camping for a week. That will be a big boost for me. I love the North Shore, although it has slipped to number four on my list of favorite places. (#1 Alaska #2 New Foundland #3 Montana)
I can spend a couple of nights camping on the shores of Lake Superior at Temperance River State Park, and I am refreshed and re-energized and ready to face life again. We are taking my youngest sister Lois with us, as she also needs a vacation from stress. Hopefully after sitting on the rocks along the shore of Lake Superior and just taking in the lake, the sky, the rocks and God's wonderful creation, and hiking along the Superior Hiking Trail and maybe climbing Minnesota's "mountains," and perusing the gift shops and outfitters stores, we will have the miracle of rejuvenation.

This picture on the right is of one of the varieties of coleus that I found this year. I think it's very unusual, but very pretty. I have done nothing with my plants this summer, but fortunately hubby has watered for me during the hot days. He has also kept the carpets vacuumed and the dishes done up for me, which I appreciate so much. I just ask him not to touch the laundry as I'm afraid I am very picky about that chore. Fortunately our apartment includes a washer and dryer in the kitchen closet, so I've been able to keep up with that, even at odd hours.

This is a very disjointed and rambling post. I started off to thank you, my online friends, but kind of went off in a couple of other directions, too. That's kind of my mind right now, scattered! Hopefully that will improve. Meanwhile, thanks for sticking with me!


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Loss of a mother or a child is hard. You've experienced one, I another and though they are different, the pain is there. A part of us gone, or at least where we can see them or touch them or hear them. I mean how much more connecting to another human being is there than a mother and child?
And like you say, life goes on, differently, but it continues and we hold those others that we are close to nearer. And it humbles us, as we learn to appreciate every single moment.
You can ramble all you want, it helps, lol. Thank you for being there for me even when you were facing so much yourself.
Your vacation trips sound great and they will be good for you!

((((Love ya! ))))

Linda B. said...

I've missed your photos so much Marge! I love the North Shore too. I'm sure it will be good for you three up there. Be sure to take lots of pictures!!

Memaw's memories said...

There is a bond between mother and child like no other. Especially when you have a loving Christian mother. Mine has been gone for 39 of my 59 years, and I miss her every day.

You are fortunate to have good sisters to help you along this journey. And sounds like you have an amazing husband.

The coleus are beatiful. I over-fertilized the pots on my porch and they are not only dead, they are dry and brittle. I did a really good job. My son laughed at me.

Lisa J said...

Oh, I am so glad you are back and doing....ok. I hope each day gets easier and better for you. It is nice to have the connection with friend via the internet, even though we may never meet, it is still a connection that I am thankful to have.
Your flower pictures are beautiful. I truly enjoyed seeing them....And I had no idea you lived in an apartment. See we learn new things about each other nearly every day.

Every time I read about your mother it makes me cry. I know my day is coming and I so dread it. I love my mother, don't spend as much time as I could, but do spend time with her at least on the phone everyday. So you help me to appreciate her all the more...thank you for that.

I am so glad you are taking a vacation. And taking your sister. We all need those moments to just get away and do nothing, but relax the brain. But we will be talking so much more between now and then.

What a lovely post!

Anonymous said...

You need time to work through all the changes and the sorrow you've been through these past months. I'm glad you can take a trip to the North Shore. That is one of our daughter's favorite places, too. She and various cousins have lived up there two differnt summers and worked at Blue Water Cafe and Cascade Lodge. We've enjoyed the area a number of times, also. We attend a family wedding near Lutsen one of those summers and made another family vacation out of it. My favorite is Gooseberry Falls, though we stopped at every falls between Duluth and Canada on our first trip to the area. We also climbed Pin Cushion and enjoyed the amazing view. Enjoy some time away with your sister and your favorite "dish washer". What a blessing he is!

Nancy in Iowa without many water falls
(though we did have our own farm pond covering 30 acres of soybeans for awhile!)

Linda up north said...

I LOVE Duluth and the North Shore, too. We will be going on the Vista Queen cruise sometime in August, maybe our paths will cross? I would love to say a quick "hello" to you IRL!
I know you will miss your mom... After 14 years, I still miss mine terribly. Praise God your Mom is not lost to you and you will be together again.