Sunday, July 13, 2008


Daughter Kari taking a picture of me taking a picture of her taking a picture of me..............
I love sunlight shining through the trees
Lillies growing by the cabin in the park
Magic fire
More magic fire
And again, magic fire

Everyone has deserted me!
Anna sleeping, first in the chair with a blanket and then on the ground with a pillow.
Time to go home! It was a fun, fast, 24-hour camping trip.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Loved it! Thanks for sharing. Your family is so pretty. That is a MAN pan and I bet that food was delicious too! My son and his family love to camp, he loves those mountains where he lives. I've never done much camping, I don't think I've ever been camping to tell you the truth. But I can tell you for sure it is in my future! I love the little camper, it is so cute. I'm glad you had a nice weekend and nice weather too.
I hope you have a good week too.

Lisa J said...

Oh I LOVED it. That is so neat,I want to go camping like that too. This blogging is not good for the pocketbook. I want to buy a trailer like yours, I want to go to Alaska and stay the summer, I want to travel and then go stay in the driveway of my son when he has kids like Beth from the Funny Farm's In laws do, and want to go to Montanna and see the country side where Ann lives. I better go do laundry and come back to earth from dreaming!!! I still have the grandson and I am WORN out. Luckily he is fishing with grandpa right now!

Sage said...

Robbin, my favorite place to camp is in the mountains. I love the forest and the fresh air, especially at a little bit of altitude when it's crisp and sharp in the mornings. I don't think you'll be able to escape camping when you get to Washington! And we like the little camper too. As long as I have my bed up off the ground, and my potty for middle of the night wake ups, I'm good to go. Did the tent thing for years.....I deserve a camper now! I hope you get to go camping soon.....I know you'll love it!

Sage said...

Lisa, you said you want to buy a trailer, go to Alaska and to Montana. My two favorite places to camp are in Alaska and Montana. We love Glacier National Park in Montana. (I just discovered Ann's blog and am so jealous that she lives in Montana!) I hope you can do it someday. The most exciting thing we've done is drive the Alaska Highway. It is amazing.....the only word for it! You'll find us back on the road to Alaska as soon as the gas prices go down!!!

Anonymous said...