Wednesday, May 21, 2008


NOTE: My sister does not have a brown shadow on her nose in real life. My camera lens must be dirty. Sorry, Lois!

This is my sister Lois, holding the lovely roses she was presented on Sunday in front of the whole Sunday School. Lois has given notice that she will be retiring from teaching Sunday School, and this was her last day. Why roses, you ask? Because Lois has been teaching Sunday School for thirty years! Yes, you read that right. Thirty years. This has to be a record in our church. In many churches! What a wonderful example of Christian dedication, and what a model you are to two generations of kids, as you are now teaching kids of the kids you taught many years ago. I admire you and love you.


FAScinated said...

Those roses are beautiful but they are nothing compared to the crown you will receive in Heaven someday! Thank you for the example you have been in my life! ~Kari

Russell said...

Congratulations to your sister!! Goodness!! Thirty years, huh?? Just getting warmed up!!!

Seriously, that is a wonderful accomplishment. People who dedicate themselves to such service are so special.

I recall JFK saying in his inaugation speech "God's work on earth must truly be our own." No truer words were every spoken.

Take care.

Lisa J said...

What a dedicated person to have done that service for 30 years. Some people are just beyond words and I think this is one of them. I truly admire what she has done.