Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today we made some decisions, and we had a very hard thing to do. It's become increasingly difficult to provide 24/7 care for mom. We are exhausted. Tomorrow we are moving her to the memory care unit of the apartment community where she is living. We need the skilled care for her, and the alert nurses at night. So far we've been taking turns staying with her, and it usually means we don't sleep at all. I feel so guilty that we are turning her over to strangers to care for her, but in the next breath, I know we're no longer able to continue with no sleep. And this is skilled care. We know she will be in good hands.

The hardest thing we had to do was to tell mom that we are moving her once again. We pray she understands that we are only doing what we think is best for her. And we assured her that we will still be with her every day, but that we had to get our sleep to stay healthy so we could care for her, so that we were having the nurses care for her at night.

Thank you blogging friends for your thoughts and prayers. Please continue.


Mary said...

I know how very hard this is for all of you. My thoughts and prayers are with your entire family.

Linda B. said...

Change is so difficult. Even when you know it's the right thing, the best thing to do, your heart still breaks. The staff will no longer be strangers once your mom is moved into her new home. Once the move is no longer new to everyone it won't be so hard. I admire you and your family for being so strong during all of this. I know, you don't feel strong. But you are. I prayers will continue for everyone.

Lisa J said...

Oh goodness. Such stress in your life and your mothers. But I do think you will overcome it, get through it and IT IS THE BEST DECISION. If you can, sneak over there some night and just check on her. Don't let them know you are coming and then watch how things are going. I think you will then feel much better about your choice. But I am sure once you all start getting better sleep, you will see the wisdom in your decision and will be at peace with it. My thoughts are with you during this holiday weekend. Make it special. Take care friend.