Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The last minute get together with kids in the area didn't work. Two sons had to work yesterday, Memorial Day, so hubby gave up trying to put a picnic together. Maybe he'll start sooner next time and we'll succeed!

We did go in to visit my mom. Two of my sisters had picked up flowers for daddy's grave, so we took mom to the cemetery. She did very well, and seemed to enjoy the little outing. After leaving a basket of red, white and blue petunias on the grave, we headed for the local park and had an impromptu picnic with purchased subs. Mom also did well there, although she was tiring by the time we left. She was headed to take a nap when we dropped her off; however she was still tired when we stopped in after dinner last night. I'm guessing she slept well last night. We are going in to see her as soon as I run a couple of loads of laundry.

This is a busy week for our family. The first of our grandkids is getting married on Friday evening. Kari and Mike's daughter, Katie, is marrying Clayton. Katie is a beautiful young woman, 21 years old, just completed her junior year in college. She found a wonderful young man in Clayton. He treats her with all the honor and respect that she deserves. I love watching them together, and know that this marriage will work. It will last. There is real love and total commitment there. And they have the Lord included in their lives; they have the third strand of the cord, which makes the cord strong and not easily broken. So our busy week will have a wonderful ending, and you can believe there will be pictures coming! Stay tuned.


Lisa J said...

Oh I have tears in my eyes reading about the love your grand daughter has for her soon to be husband and the treatment of each other between them. That is so awesome and so rewarding. I wish I could say the same about my son and daugher n law. But I can't. I don't see them staying together and honestly I don't know that I want them too. They do not treat each other nicely. She says hateful things, and even hits him (in play??) in front of us, his own family. It is so hard to be nice to her. But I must love her to keep a relationship with my son. She is young and very self centered. What scares me is "they" say your son marries a girl like his mother. I hope and pray that I AM NOT like that. I thought I was a very selfLESS person, and very kind. Maybe I need to have my own glasses adjusted and checked!

I am so glad to hear your outting with your mother was a good one. You ALL needed that. One day at a time, just one day at a time. Have another great day.

Lisa J said...

Just checking on you. Hoping no news is good news. Just know you are checked on every day and thought about often. Take care and here's hoping your day/weekend is peaceful and maybe even uneventful!!??