Saturday, May 31, 2008


The whole wedding party.
Grandson Aaron and his sweetie, Anna.
Anna, Adam, granddaughter Kjirsten and her honey Ryan.
Two more granddaughters, Jaden and Courtney.
Ben and Anna, two more grandkids.
Katie and her friend, Katie.
Katie and her parents, our daughter Kari, and son-in-law Mike.


Lisa J said...

Oh my goodness, what a wedding and what a FAMILY. I love the little girl with the red shocks and shoes! She reminds me of my daughter. You have very nice pictures of your family.

Lisa J said...

I had to add another comment, you have some of the nicest looking grandkids I have ever seen. They are ALL so pretty and handsome, how did that happen, are you all models or something? You are so very blessed, Aaron and Anna, I love that, those two names together are really sweet....are there any serious plans in their future? Uh Oh, gotta go, more storms coming in, wonder how much rain we will get this time!!! Have a great weekend.