Monday, May 12, 2008


This picture was taken on June 3, 2006, one hour into the first trip of our retirement, the trip to Alaska with two grandsons in tow. This was our 35 foot 5th wheel which we pulled with a big truck.
We have sold that RV because if we're not living in it full time, we do not need such a big rig. Our trips now will be only weekends or short vacation type trips. So we traded in the RV and bought a small camper. This one is less than half the other one.......not even 15 feet inside from door to back wall. But we think it has everything we need. Plus we took our stained glass window out of the big rig and transferred it to the small one. Doesn't it look good?
I took this next picture while I was standing on the step outside the door. First of all is the frig, then the stove, then the sink. In back is the U shaped seating area around the small table. The benches make into two single beds, with room in between for a grandkid or two on the floor.
As long as I have my bed up off the ground, my indoor potty, and a stove to make my morning coffee, I have all I need. Besides, we can pull this little one with our van, the big RV needed a truck filled with diesel fuel.


Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak said...

Looks like a nice solution for part-time travel. We traveled in a Lance truck camper. The only complaint was no comfortable place to sit to read/computer. It was great for getting into national parks and forests, though.


Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak

Sage said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jaimie. Blessings on your travels, and who knows, maybe we'll see you along the road sometime!

Yes, a smaller RV will be a good solution for us. And you're's much easier to get into those national parks and forests with a smaller rig. Often we had to settle for the least desireable sites just because we couldn't fit where we wanted to park.

Minnesota has wonderful state parks, and we are looking forward to visiting some of those this summer.


Linda B. said...

Just think of all the off the beaten paths and cliffs, I mean roads with sturdy guardrails you will be able to travel with ease! This camper looks lovely, and so much easier to clean!

Russell said...

I think taking a trip to Alaska in an RV would be great!! I am glad to hear you actually did it PLUS traveled much more! You certainly have seen a lot of country the past two years!

I have a 3/4 ton truck and yes they do drink a lot of gasoline! I suppose we can think in terms of balancing things out in the long run. Once in while you have to just get out and enjoy life and let practicality take a break!

Sounds like you are settled back in God's country and I look forward to following you on your blog.

Take care.