Thursday, January 31, 2008


We have spent more money this past week than I can ever remember spending in such a short time. It's scary! It's also been a lot of fun! We've bought a mattress and box spring, an iron bed and bed frame, a futon, 4 stools, a sofa, recliner and my Nonny chair, and three "some assembly required" pieces of cheap furniture. Last night we spent several hours building an armoire to house the yet to be purchased TV set. This is one of those "connect piece B2 to piece JJ, using the hidden connectors with the silver 7/8 in screws, which must be hidden inside the hidden connectors and turned to 210 degrees, not 180 degrees, so you can attach trim piece U to the combination of pieces B2 and JJ, using the black flat head 1 1/16th inch screws" types of assemblies. Just your simple "even a 6 year old can do it" language in the instructions. We got to the attach the doors part last night, and the hinges even allow the doors to open, and the magnetic door closure plates are even in the correct place! Hurrah for us! When we finish the two drawers that fit into the bottom of the armoire, we will move on to the next challenge, the two "buy one get one free - solid wood" sofa end tables. By then we'll be competing with Bob Villa for space on the This Old House series, only calling our segment This New House.

The reason for the rush on the TV armoire is this: The cabinet has to be finished on Thursday so we can buy the TV on Friday so the cable company can come to install cable on Saturday so Ernie can watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. Priorities, you know!

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