Monday, January 21, 2008


Today Ernie becomes a real live senior citizen. It is his 65th birthday. We are sitting at Hollman AFB in New Mexico, and I had planned to go to the Commissary to buy steaks for supper. But, seems the Commissary is closed in Monday. So we went to the small convenience store and bought a pizza. A supreme pizza in a cardboard box. Not a very exciting dinner on such an important occasion, but that's what it is tonight. Cardboard Pizza. I did pick up a pint of pralines and cream ice cream, so that can be the real celebration meal.

The Exchange was open, however, and we did stop there for a short shopping trip. I picked up two long sleeved shirts for Ernie as I think he had thrown out a bunch of his long sleeved stuff. And hearing the reports of the below zero temps, I think he may need some warmer clothes.

We will be taking off in the morning, back on the road north and east. Last I checked, the temp was 9 above zero back home. We will have to do a bit of adapting I think.

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