Tuesday, January 22, 2008


If you can remember back to last June in the UP, we had finally gotten the satellite dish to work with help from a support guy down in Florida. Can you believe that was the last time we had it working? We have hauled it from Minnesota to the Maritime Provinces, down to Maine, DC, Boston, home to Minnesota, out West to Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, California, and, well, you get the idea. During that time we have tried and tried to set it up, but we never had any positive results. We even had talked to the supposed tech support, and were hung up on more than once because we were told that we couldn't move the dish around and expect it to work. We knew there were many others who did so, and we knew how to align the dish, we could get a strong signal, but for some reason we were never able to connect.

Well, when we pulled in to this campspot two nights ago, Ernie spied a dish identical to ours, so yesterday morning he talked to the guy and found out he was an installer for this company! And the very nice man offered to come down and see what was our problem! So yesterday morning we again set the dish up and started to go through the alignment process. Guess what? When we first got the dish and were shown how to set it up, that installer neglected to give us one very important step in the process, so try as hard as we could, we would never have gotten it to work. Thank you sir. We've paid a lot of money out for something that would never work, thanks to your oversight.

Anyhow, the kind man gave us this important step, and we were online within a few minutes. And he assured us that we were doing it right, just without the important first step! Well, once online, it took me quite awhile to figure out how to connect and install the new wireless router, but I finally got that done, both computers are now connected wirelessly, and we are online.

As soon as Ernie gets out of the shower, we will take down the satellite, unplug the router, and will pack up to hurry down the road to Minnesota. Well, at least we got it working one time.

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