Friday, January 04, 2008


I'm just sitting here eating my breakfast of bits of ham in warmed over sweet potatoes made with just butter in them. I love sweet potatoes and just can't see throwing out the remainder of our New Year's Day dinner, so they have been my breakfast the last three days. I emptied the storage container this morning, so will have to move on to my regular yogurt tomorrow morning.

Speaking of tomorrow morning reminds me that I haven't told you that we are moving tomorrow. Yup, changing the zip code once again. We're heading north to Oceanside and MCCP otherwise known as Marine Corps Camp Pendleton. It's a huge base stretching from the ocean back to the hills. We checked out our campsites a couple of weeks ago, and found a small, pleasant little campground nestled at the edge of the hills by a small lake. The base, or post, I don't know what the Marines call their place, has more amenities than any base I've ever been on. When we lived on the Air Force bases, we had two stores, a Commissary or grocery store, and a BX , a kind of low end department store. Camp Pendleton has separate stores in place of the one BX. We saw a quality clothing and cosmetics type store, an electronics store, a drug type of store, a toy and garden store, and a housewares and gifts types store. Unbelievable! Felt like I was in a mall rather than on a military base. We didn't go into the grocery store, but it looked huge and foreboding, someplace I won't like to frequent, that's for sure. Hope I can find a small farmer's market or health food store to shop at in the area, because I don't do well in huge stores. We also found a home improvement type of store, the regular beauty shops and banks, and of course several fast food restaurants. Base living has certainly changed!

But the big news this morning, no Jacob, it's not the Brittany saga once again, is the constant warning coming across the TV screen about the approaching storm. It's going to be a big one they are saying on the Weather Channel, and the weather persons are warning people to be prepared. Northern California and the whole mountain area can expect record snowfalls, there are winds gusting to 85 miles per hour near San Francisco, and southern areas will have huge amounts of rain. They are talking rain in the 10 inch category, and snow measuring in the double figures of feet! Worries include the recently burned areas where there will be nothing to prevent the homes from sliding down the hillsides. I guess it's a little late now to be thinking that maybe they shouldn't have built homes on stilts hanging out over the canyons? Anyhow, authorities are handing out sand bags to pile around the homes, hopefully providing a enough of a diversion of the rushing waters to prevent homes from going over the edge.

I have no idea what we should expect in our camp spot here in San Diego. I know we'll have rain, and I know I need to get down to Ocean Beach by the pier and watch the huge waves developing, but other than that I don't think we'll be getting any of the extremes. So we'll just go about our day preparing for our move tomorrow. We need to pick up a couple of things at a place such as WalMart, wash a load of sheets, remove the accessories I place out when we sit in one spot for a month or more, and generally just batten down the hatches, preparing for rain and for moving.

And, because we signed up for one more day of internet, I will post some beautiful pictures I took yesterday when we visited the first church in California, the Mission San Diego de Alcala, started by Father Serra. Probably the highlight of my stay in San Diego....I loved it.

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