Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I'm always thinking of my friends and family back in the snow country of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Wyoming, Maryland and Alaska, to name just a few of the states where family and friends reside, so I thought I'd send you on a beautiful mid-winter retreat today. Oh, you're welcome, but no thanks are necessary!
Can't you just imagine how beautiful this will be once the flowers open up?

They look plain now, but wait until those bright pink flowers bloom!
Yes, Ernie is standing in the flower bed, which is against the rules, but he wanted to pose with the fresh oranges on the tree.
It doesn't get any better than these beautiful bougainvillea.
Or this still dewy Lily.
Or this pink with yellowish orangey tints rose.

Hi Justin! These guys were so friendly that when I held my camera right over the water they swam right up to it, thinking I was offering them food.
I love yellow with pink tinge roses.
Birds of paradise in front of an orange tree.
Appropriate flowers at a mission with bells in the towers.

There. Don't you feel better after your day at the flower filled spa? I do!


FAScinated said...

Absolutely breathtaking! We are getting snow tonight. ~Kari

Linda up north said...

Beautiful pictures... I sure would love to spend my winter in the south!

Justin said...

Thanks for that fish picture Grandma! im finally being able to acess your blog and im excited to see what comes up in the future.