Thursday, January 17, 2008


Daughter Kari broke the news yesterday at the end of her post on her challenging day. Yes, we are giving up full time RVing. It's come to the point that our hearts are not in traveling full time. We miss our kids and grandkids so much. We miss our siblings, my mom, our friends and our familiar church. Time to modify our lives. All the experts say that one of the most stressful times in a person's life is when there are huge life style changes. We did a huge lifestyle change on June 1, 2006 when we retired from long held jobs, sold our home of 25 years, and took off in our RV. We adjusted well to the traveling lifestyle and have had a ball. And now I expect that we will adjust just as well to having a permanent address again. After all, there's no place like home!

We are turning the truck around and heading back to Minnesota where we plan to find an apartment or townhome or condo, someplace where we can still take off for an extended period of time with no worries about the home place. We won't need anything fancy or expensive, as we plan to continue the simple life style. But we are excited. Home, kids, grandkids.....who can ask for anything more!

So I won't consistently have our travels to write about, or the travel photos to share. However, I'm thinking of a couple of possibilities for a different focus for my blog. We'll just have to wait and see what direction this goes. Meanwhile, we will have a couple of weeks of travel yet as we have to head south before we can go east and then north to Minnesota because we have to avoid the mountains at this time of the year. We plan to take it easy and see a few sights along the way.


Riky said...

I am sorry to hear you are curtailing your travels. Now I really wonder if we should set out or not. My mother an moter-in-law are not well and , of cource the grandkids I will miss. But Floyd is bound and dtermined. At least you won't have to go back to work. Maybe in a year or so you will be able to go again. I hope so as you have had so much fun. YOu really have seen alot in that short time haven't you? Sometimes, I guess, you have to do what your heart says to do.

Sage said...

Riky, We are in no way admitting defeat nor do we plan to stop traveling forever. We just need some time at home at this point. We plan to keep traveling until our health says no! We'll be home soon, and I hope we can get together and talk. We've had a wonderful time, and I'm sure you will too! See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Planning to move back to Minnesota during January when we're expecting our coldest weather yet this winter -- now that is not for the weak of heart! But your family here will keep you warm! Enjoy your travels on your way home! God Bless, Brenda

Linda up north said...

You really have seen and done so much since you set out! It has been fun following you across the country! I will keep you in my prayers as you modify your plans :) It IS such a blessing to be near family, isn't it? God's Peace be with you as you travel home... and don't hurry too much. We are freezing our bunions off up here :)

Anonymous said...


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