Friday, January 04, 2008


This mission was one of my favorite sight seeing trips we've done here in San Diego. The church itself is beautiful, the courtyards and garden are filled with flowers and plants, and the whole place gives off such a sense of peace. I really, really liked this place.
I would have loved to have heard the bells ringing.
We entered the church through a small wooden side door.
The church was still decorated with red, pink and white poinsettias from the Christmas holidays.
It's a very narrow but long church with narrow wooden benches and a tile floor.
We weren't allowed up the steps, but I would have loved to have gone up closer to the bells. And it would be really fun to hear them ringing. This is the side gate into the beautiful courtyard off the church.
Father Junipero Serra looks like he was a very small man.
These two last pictures are taken inside a small chapel off the courtyard behind the church. The decorated choir stalls and the throne and altar are from Plasencia, Spain and date back to the 1300's.

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