Thursday, January 24, 2008


We made it. We are back in Minnesota after a week of driving and 2,252 miles. That is enough traveling for me for awhile. My shoulders, neck and chest ache something awful from sitting in one position for seven days. We got a room at the same motel we stayed in at Christmas time, except this time we are on the third floor. And we had four laundry baskets, a case of water, and a smaller basket, a change of clothes, computers and a couple more items to carry in. And up. Three floors. I'll admit that Ernie did most of the hauling.

Now begins the next chapter of our lives. We will start right away tomorrow, looking for someplace to call home. Wish us luck on finding just what we want right away........


Anonymous said...

Wow...welcome back to the deep freeze! It was -18 at our house yesterday in northwest Iowa. Craaaa-zeee! Even after a life time of being from this state, this Iowa weather never ceases to amaze me. And Minnesota tops us in cold temps. May you find a warm home soon in which to enjoy your travel photos of warmer climates.
Nancy in NW IA

Anonymous said...

I should add, I'll miss your travel "documentaries" and your beautiful photography. Better find a house with many walls on which to hang some of your photo enlargements!

Linda up north said...

God Bless your efforts to find just the right place! How exciting for you! Can't wait to see what you find.
By the way, Melissa loved the Roy Rogers pic! I will try to print it off for her today if I have time. Thanks again!