Friday, January 18, 2008


This morning we left Seal Beach California at 9:15 and headed off towards the East. We ended up this afternoon in Tonopah, Arizona, in Mountain time instead of Pacific time, about a 350 mile day, which is plenty when you are pulling a big RV and dodging traffic.

We passed an area around Palm Springs where there were thousands, yes, you heard me correctly, thousands of wind generators.

What a sight! I wonder how much electricity costs in that area? Does the electricity from the generators stay in the area and provide cheap power, or is it all sent hundreds of miles away, and therefore are the recipients charged more?
As we neared our destination, we drove through the Quartzsite Arizona area. Unbelievable is the only word I can think of for the scene. The roads were clogged with RVs heading to Quartzsite. The gas pumps were full to overflowing as the $3.09 CHEAP!!!!! price for diesel drew in the snowbirds to fill up their gas tanks before heading off into the desert. And that is exactly where they were headed. Into the desert. (Sounds like it should be the title of a book by Jon Krakauer) This tiny town of Quartzsite Arizona boasts a population of 1,900 people. During most months of the year, that is. This little town also boasts over a million visitors during the year, most of them in January and February. The sight is like nothing you've ever seen. Rigs costing well into the six figures and little homemade campers alike, descend on the area, parking wherever there is a spot out in the desert. Huge tents are set up for flee markets, where you can find every sort of gem and mineral, in addition to the regular handcrafted merchandise common at such markets. There is entertainment nightly and shows of all sorts, cook outs, state get togethers, and who knows what else going on constantly.

We wanted no part of this scene, and stayed on the highway until we found this quiet RV park in Tonopah. Tomorrow we move on to the Air Force base at Tucson where hubby wants to view all the dead airplanes lined up in formation on the runways. Doesn't that sound exciting? The next day he has another small base in mind for a destination, then on Monday we should hit Ooooooooooooooooklahoma City, where we will stop at another Air force base and will winterize the RV before heading north on 35 to Minnesota.

So far the trip has been uneventful. We pray it stays that way.

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