Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well, did you all enjoy that little spell of springy weather? You know I'm responsible for that, don't you? When we drove back here from California, God knew we couldn't just jump from 65 out on the West coast to 20 below here in Minnesota, so He sent some milder weather so we could get used to winter again. And now that we've been here 5 days, I guess He feels we've had enough time to adjust, and real Minnesota winter can return. It's times like this when I question our sanity.

We spent yesterday, during the nice mild weather, furniture shopping again. And we did finalize on a couple of things. We bought a mattress, box spring, and bed head and foot board. We also bought a futon for the second bedroom/computer room/sewing room. The pad on it is quite substantial, so I think it will work fine for grandkid sleepovers and occasional guests. Oh, we also picked up some cheap stools to use at the counter for a little extra seating, especially for kids. We haven't ordered the Nonny chair, recliner and sofa yet, but hope to do so as soon as we can check on the carpet color, which we should be able to do today.

That is a lot of shopping! Never before have we spent that kind of money in such a short time. But that should be all we need as we have the dining room and bedroom chests and some assorted tables. Now we just wait. And that is hard when we are so excited to begin life in a new spot, and to start decorating and making it our own. Guess I'll have to do the laundry while we wait.

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