Thursday, January 17, 2008


I just turned on the TV to watch the ten o'clock news and happened upon the last couple of contestants on American Idol, a show I never watch. I heard two of them exclaim "I'm going to Hollywood!" Big deal, guys. I was there today. Nothing to get excited over I don't think. But when I called grandson Jacob from a spot looking up to the Hollywood sign and down on Britney's star, he was excited.

So these pictures are for you, Jacob. Sorry I didn't get a picture of her in person. I did get a picture of a bad Elvis impersonator, and a Marilyn who was even worse!

Elvis and an unknown fan. If they caught you taking their picture they demanded $$$$.
This is our friend Richard posing with Marilyn......who looked nothing like Marilyn.
And I was so excited when I saw these foot, hand, gun and shoe prints. I remembered that my blogging friend has a daughter who loves Roy Rogers. So Linda , I took this picture for Melissa! Hope she gets a kick out of it.

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Linda up north said...

I am finally sitting down after about a week to catch up on my favorite blogs. Melissa will be so thrilled to see this! She is sleeping right now, but I will show her first thing in the morning! Thanks!