Saturday, January 26, 2008


I am almost afraid to say anything for fear that it will break the spell. But here goes. I think we have found a place to live. In fact, we have committed to it. But I'm scared that talking about it may bring bad luck, something will happen that makes it impossible for us to have it, and I would be extremely upset. But I will take the chance and tell you about it.

We found a twin home, the lower level, in a little town five miles from our old home town. In fact, the freeway has almost made them one town. The twin home is brand new, in fact the carpet for the bedrooms and living room hasn't even been laid yet. It is being laid on Tuesday, the blinds were being hung this afternoon, and I'm sure the appliances will be in any day now. We can probably move in next week end. And I am so excited!

It's a two bedroom, and both rooms are a very decent size. The kitchen is very nice with oak cupboards, a dishwasher, and wide open to the dining room and living room. My ideal. The kitchen and dining room are vinyl flooring, and the dining room is plenty big to accommodate my huge table. The living room area is a very nice size, and even the light fixtures are to my liking. The bathroom has plenty of storage, again in nice oak cupboards. I can easily see us living there, and being very happy there. It seems our prayers have been answered. All thanks to God.

And so, we have tentatively looked at some furniture. We need a bed, a sofa, and a couple of chairs. Ernie needs his TV, and a place to put it. But that's probably all we need as we put our dining room set, a china hutch, two dressers, and some occasional tables into storage. Oh, maybe we'll get a futon for the second bedroom, just to have something for grand kids to sleep on when they have sleep overs. (You first Jaden and Madison!) The second bedroom will be just a dumping room at first, then will become a guest room/computer room/sewing room.

And I found the most exciting chair that I think I am going to get. For me. I'm going to call it my Nonny chair. Now Nonny was my grandmother, my mother's mother. She was the dearest lady, the most fun, the best grandmother ever. She always smelled so good, she was the world's best cook, she always knew just what we wanted for Christmas, even if we didn't know we wanted it! She was talented, always making our dresses and outfits for Christmas and Easter, and she had a TV several years before we did! We loved our Nonny so much. (I named her Nonny when I was about two, either couldn't say grandma, or Nana or whatever-----she was Nonny to all grandkids forever after.)

Anyhow, there are certain fabrics that my sister and I call "Nonny fabrics" and certain smells that remind me of her, and different meals (chicken dumpling soup) that bring back wonderful memories of my dear grandma. And, when I saw this chair, I immediately said it was a Nonny chair. And I have to have it. It's a kind of easy chair, or side chair, that is kind of overstuffed, but not too much, and it has rockers on it! A definite Nonny chair! And I'm going to get it for my new living room. You are all invited to come and sit in it, and be introduced to my Nonny. But when it's time to sit and relax, it is MY Nonny chair.


Molly said...

I love the chair! It's a must have. I wish I could go shopping with much fun. Happy shopping!

Betsy said...

It IS a Nonny Chair. No doubt about it, and I love it. Can't wait to try it out and check out the new digs.

Linda B. said...

I'm happy to hear you found what you liked so quickly. With an extra blessing of a Nonny chair. How cool is that.

Sage said...

Molly, Betsy, Linda: I'm so afraid the carpet will clash with this chair, and I really want this cranberry color! Thanks for all being excited with me! And you're all invited to sit in in, if and when we get it!

Linda up north said...

So where did you find this chair? It is great! I would love to have one! If your carpet clashes, get an area rug and put it on the carpet and your chair on the rug! And praise God you found a place so quickly!

Sage said...

That was my thought, too, Linda. If it isn't a good match, I'll put down an area rug that does match. I found the chair (and a couch and recliner) at a very good furniture store here in town....long time in business, sons and grandsons now taking over from the father. It's made by a company in North Carolina that I have currently forgotten the name of! Come see it when I get the whole room set up! I'd love to meet you!