Monday, February 04, 2008


We are no longer homeless. On Friday we moved into our new place, and so far we are lovin' it! We emptied out the RV on Saturday, and parked it out at Ernie's brother's farm. As soon as the weather warms up a bit, we'll get it cleaned up and on the market.

On Friday afternoon the futon and mattress and box spring were delivered, so we were able to sleep out here that night. Or I should say, some of us slept, others of us were awake all night, walking around, looking out the windows and just listening to all the new house noises. I was so tired on Saturday that I felt sick, and was exhausted by that evening. However, I slept well the last two nights, so I feel much better.

The cable guys came out on Saturday to install our TV and internet cables, but it didn't happen. Something about the main signal spot being too far away so they have to bring one closer before they can hook us up. Anyhow, no cable for the Super Bowl. Fortunately, Ernie isn't proud, and he called up his brother and asked to be invited over for super and the game! Thanks Neil and Karen! The supper was very good, and the game was great, and the conversation superb.

And a thank you to the person in this neighborhood who has an unsecured wireless signal. I can't always connect, but every now and then it works.

We are expecting our sofa, recliner and my Nonny chair early this afternoon. Then I can kind of put the living room area together, although our lamps are in the storage truck, and I have no idea when we'll get to that stuff. But at least we'll have something to sit on , and Ernie can sit in his new leather recliner and look at the TV and pretend something is actually on the screen. Doesn't really matter as he thinks recliners are for sleeping anyway.

And don't you think the town would change their population figures? The sign as you enter the town says 1787, and it should now read 1789. And all is well in our little Lake Wobegon town.

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