Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It seems that after I left the hospital yesterday, Kari had a rough time in the evening and through most of the night. But by the time I got up there late this morning, you never would have known it! She was showered, hair done, make-up on, sitting up in bed in her pretty pink robe instead of those ugly hospital duds. I brought coffee for her so she was excited to see me! Her room is beginning to look like a florist/candy/coffee shop, as she has numerous beautiful flower arrangements and plants, a neat box with assorted Starbuck coffees and a mug, and quite a few boxes and bags of chocolates. She also has a basket of good smelling lotions and bath gels. She had quite a few visitors today, including her two oldest daughters this morning, the three youngest kids this afternoon, and her grandmother and aunt. Add to all this the fact that she isn't having to clean house, cook meals or do laundry, and I'd say she's got a pretty good deal going!

However, we had the fun of having Adam's birthday dinner with him, and she didn't. And I know she didn't like missing that. Adam got a great dessert in honor of his birthday, and he was nice enough to pass it around. Nummy cheesecake! Thanks for sharing, Adam!

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