Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Whoo hoo! Internet and TV are now working. After dinner last night we found out that the cable guy was back out here, working on getting the signal to our place. I wonder if this interest in getting us hooked up had anything to do with the trip Ernie made into town to their office yesterday? Hummmmm. We had already checked out the competitor's service and rates, and were ready to switch, demanding our money back which they had received on Friday for the supposed hook up on Saturday which didn't happen.

But the guy that was here last night was pleasant, kind, and polite, and he set things up as far as he could go without getting something from the office that he needed. This morning as I was sitting here in my jammies, the doorbell rang. Before 7:30, mind you! The same young man was here, and quick as a flash he installed the HD portion of the TV, and then got my internet hooked up, and was even kind enough to answer my questions about our wireless router, which we then got hooked up.

I feel like I'm connected to the world again. Without TV news, radio news, or internet news, I felt a bit out of it. Now I have my FOX NEWS back, and all that's on is the Super Tuesday election stuff. UGH. Can't they outlaw all this junk, and just start with the ads along about next November 1st? Nothing I hear between now and then is going to change my mind........I don't like any of them!

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