Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Of course. I took my shower and Kari called. She talked to her dad and his report was "she's doing great!" Apparently she broke her new friendship with morphine and is now on a pain pill of some kind instead. She had been up and had taken her shower already. Sounds good, doesn't it? We are heading into town shortly with a stop at the florist first. Her favorite flower is the daisey so I think we should bring her a small vase of them. And I need to see for myself that she is doing great. Maybe she'll let me take a picture to post on my next update. She probably has her makeup on and hair done, and is sitting there twiddling her thumbs, wanting to get back to work!

Oh, I think I should bring her some coffee too, don't you?

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Linda B. said...

I imagine Kari is quite bored by now! Surgery can't even teach her to take advantage of down time!