Friday, February 29, 2008


This has been a very busy week for me. I'm sure glad I retired, because I certainly don't have time to go to work! Kari had her surgery on Monday, so I was up at the hospital a couple of times each day until she came home yesterday. And the weather was crummy, cold, and blowing snow, so I drove my mom to a couple of appointments so save her the trouble of driving in the winter crud. I attended a Bible Study, mid-week Lenten services, and a speaker on Christian Life Resources. I had lunch with my mom twice, dinner with mom and my sister once, dinner for Kari's family twice, and coffee with a friend today. Oh yes, grocery shopping and a couple of other trips into town that I don't even remember now. I sure notice the difference living five miles out of town. Everything takes longer.

Last night when we were eating tacos down at Kari's place, Kari was looking at some of the papers that had accumulated in Ben's backpack during the week. The papers all had excellent grades on them. Kari praised Ben and commented that he must have really worked hard this week. Ben informed her that he did so well because she was in the hospital!

And according to my site meter, visits to my blog in the last couple of days were way up, because of the readers that Kari had directed to check my site for updates on her surgery!

And I'm guessing Kari will feel a whole lot better after this surgery. So I guess we can say that her hospital stay was a good thing.

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FAScinated said...

I only regret that I have but one uterus to give otherwise I'd do it again!

Thanks for all the help! ~Kari